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You know what will make your day one million times better? A REAL LIFE FAIRYTALE. Jimmy and Kate have known each other their whole life. Their dads, who have been best friends since middle school, met their mothers on a trip to Haiti, moving there permanently to get married . We also had the opportunity to chat with Kate about more on her heartwarming love story with Jimmy and her favorite moments throughout the couple’s wedding day. Conversation as below

♥The LOVE Story
Our fathers, both of French Nationality, were best friends since middle school. After many adventures that took them around the world, they ended up in Haiti for what was suppose to be a temporary trip. After meeting our mothers who were locals, they got married and had children (us). We have thus known each other all our lives but, like most love stories, our relationship went through many phases (friendship, rivalry, annoyance, friendship again etc…). It was only after returning to Haiti after having gone abroad for our studies, (Jimmy in Paris and Kate in Montreal), that our love story really began. It went from us spending time together, as friends, while rediscovering one another to finding out that we actually were slowly but undeniably falling in love with one another. We kept it as a joke that the reality is that this was an arranged marriage orchestrated by our parents but in reality, life will surprise you. We also made sure they were the last to know!

♥What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?
I think that it was wedding invitations and the wedding itself when being able to spend that time in the present. Seeing how all these months of planning had come to life in bringing loved ones from all over the world to share with us a time of celebration made all the stress there had been before completely worth it.

♥How did you get this wedding pop up cards?
I was a video editor for three years, working mainly with luxury brands and editing music videos, and I was tired of staying in the office. So I had the idea of filming weddings and working solo, for people, not brands or agencies.A friend of mine lent me a camera and a French wedding blog called Queen for a Day.Then I found popup invitations, that moment when I opened a card and saw the paper sculpture revealed for the first time became my obsession, so I quickly found several factories by Google and finally choose Paper Spiritz . My favorite part of this wedding invitations was pop up part ,beautiful laser cut scene with hot-stamping words,hot -stamping horse ,  it’s fancy,fun and emotional.

♥What’s your comments about Paper Spiritz?

Paper spiritz company and the team are very professional. Highly recommended. Specially Rita. We order from them a 3D customize wedding invitations letter ,change red cover to white,and they give us what we want. From start to finish and they responded immediately.thank you once again.!!!


Post time: Mar-12-2019
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