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Every third weekend of September is Clean Up the World Weekend,Lanuched by lan keenan of Australia’s International Environmental Group. Clean Up the World Weekend is one of the World’s most important environmental events ,with more than 125 countries and 40 million people participating each each year. 

Last week ,Paper Spriritz Joined Clean Up the World Weekend .It was a beautiful day and those of us who had the opportunity to participate felt closer to Mother Nature and all she has given us.Our team is 20 peoples,we Cleaned Whole Shanghai Bingjing Forest Park and picked up 30 packs recoverage garbage to help make our world cleaner and greener.


Why does Paper Spiritz care about enviroment?

It’s because paper art is at the center of our company, passion, and creativity. We acknowledge our environmental footprint and view this as an important part of staying connected to our raw materials. There’s so much cool stuff one can create with paper but in order to keep creating we’ve got to keep protecting environment.

The earth is our only home and our common cares,Environmental protection starts with Paper Spiritz,refusing to throw away rubbish ,choosing low-carbon and environmental protection ,taking good care of the earth and caring for the mankind common home

Post time: Mar-12-2019
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