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Our Team

Shanghai Jiujv Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is a professional gift institution engaged in design and produce pop up cards production.More than 300 kinds pop up cards in stock and an excellent design department with 7 talents. Jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai have 4 factories, 10 laser engraving machines, 15 imported marking machines and 300 excellent manual workers.Shanghai municipal college students internship training base, a large team of designers of modeling structure, with hundreds of design product patents; Products sold overseas, Asia's largest inventory rapid delivery, three consecutive years of the world's four largest e-commerce platforms sales champion.

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Our Story

Paper Spiritz is the brand of Shanghai Jiuju, the founder Jason Guo was mainly focused on paper wedding.gifts, located in Shanghai at the centre of China’s paper industry since 2007.At the peak of production, it almost produced 1.3 million paper gifts every month.In 2013,  Jason saw pop up cards during a casual vacation, he aroused great interested in this discovery. That moment when he opened the  card and saw the paper sculpture revealed for the first time became his obsession,What amazing kirigami is it! and Paper Spiritz was born!

After that, Jason began to invest a lot of money and time into development of produce and custom all kinds of  pop up cards. By partnering with Hershey ,Starbucks, Omega, Cartier, Benz, Armani ,Citizen, Sulwhasooetc,Tsinghua University, Abbvie, and other hundreds of Enterprises. Paper Spirtiz has designed and produced 782 customized products, 586 common products and pop up part has been widely applied to various fields,such as invitations,gift boxes, cups, SD Frame and so on. After five year’s efforts, Paper spiritz have been TOP ONE enterprise together with design, production and development of laser cutting paper arts and gifts in China. At least half of Chinese relevant enterprises will choose cooperate with Paper Spiritz. Paper Spiritz became The Palace Museum of assigned supplier to develop different series paper gifts on their official website and shop. Maybe one day when you visit The Palace Museum you can find Paper Spiritz’s goods. In the mean time, for oversea business, paperspiritz also cooperate with Cartier Invitations, Game of Thrones, Christmas box for France City Governments.

In addition to providing jobs for people with disabilities (30% employees are disabled and Local government issues the certificate ). Paper Spiritz also provide extremely cheap diy paper art for schools.Give children the opportunity to learn about our popup products and develop hands-on imagination and creativity. Every year we provide at least 200, 000 sets to Chinese children.


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